Elasto – Special Elastic Acrylic Resin Paint

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Elasto Paint is a microcoating for external, based on special acrylic resins, elastomeric self-crosslinking in aqueous dispersion. Easy to apply, with excellent flow properties and waterproofing. The product is specific for the treatment and the recovery of artifacts with cracks, plaster cobwebs, microcracks and small cracks of settling, even at low temperatures. Elasto Paint exerts a protective function against carbonation of concrete structures, even if subjected to small deformations under load, and has an excellent resistance to aging, freezing and de-icing salts. Thanks to the presence, in its formulation, of a specific anti-mildew additive, you get a high resistance to attack by algae, fungi and molds broad spectrum of action.

Elasto Paint despite being an elastic product, has a low dirt retention, as it is formulated with an elastomeric copolymer, UV cross-linking agent that reacts with UV rays by increasing the surface hardness, while maintaining the elasticity.

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