Monocouche 25kg

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Decorative single-layer mineral plaster, coloured, water repellent, breathable and ecological

Pre-mixed rough and finishing coat in one, monolithic, mineral, petrifying, pre-mixed, in powder form, with highly seasoned white
lime, white clinker, selected pure aggregates with a constant granulometric curve, UV-resistant inorganic pigments and water
repellent natural additives. A highly reliable product over time, it is particularly appreciated for its aesthetic beauty. It has optimal resistance to weather conditions, while guaranteeing breathability to the masonry.

Technical Data Sheet

For Colours / samples please call 02088943372

Size Colours Consumption
25kg Licata System Colours 14 – 15  kg/m² each 10mm thickness

Licata Mono Scratch Monocouche

Mono Scratch can be applied either by hand or by machine on various types of interior/exterior substrates such as: brick | stone | brick and tile | tuff | mixed masonry | lime-based plaster (new) | reinforced concrete (after treatment with Licaspritz or Aggrappante LG) | Concrete (after treatment with Licaspritz or Aggrappante LG).


Single coat: it allows decoration in a single coat, guaranteeing applications that are rapid, economical and modern.

Ideal in BioArchitecture Interventions: the raw materials present in the plaster comply with the requirements of naturalness in line with the dictates of BioArchitecture.

Weight 25 kg


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