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Bialika Interior Paint


Paint for internal use, opaque breathable with a good white point, indicated for application by brush, roller and spray.29.



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Size Colours Consumption
13 Ltr Pastel Colours 9 – 10 m²/L

Licata Bialika Interior Paint

Extra-breathable wall paint for internal use, expressly formulated for professional users since it allows them to obtain excellent aesthetic results with limited costs. Ideal on new and old plasters with hydraulic binder-based binders, concrete surfaces, old painting that is dry, compact, absorbent and cohesive. Do not apply on fresh substrates. wait at least four weeks for curing.


  • Good covering power: the combination of a good white point and good opacity ensures a good coverage on most substrates.
  • Versatility of application: thanks to the fine grading curve, Bialika can be applied either manually (brush/roller), or mechanically (airless*).
  • Opacity: the very opaque appearance of Bialika allows it to have a good masking effect in case of overpainting.
  • Low VOC content: the use of the latest generation polymeric binders and with low environmental impact helps to minimise the emission of volatile organic compounds, favouring a greater comfort during the application phase and reducing health risks to the absolute minimum.


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