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EJOT® H1 eco Hammer Fixing


Box contains 100 pieces

Delivery Time : 2-3 Working Days. For Next Day/ Special Delivery, Please Call Us



    • Fastening of insulation boards
    • Universal hammer-in anchor
    • Approved for concrete, solid and perforated masonry


    • Solid steel nail (break-proof)
    • Low profile washer face
    • Plastic injection element to reduce thermal transmission
    • Can be used with an additional spreader washer
    • Short embedment depth, reduced drilling
    • High loads for your security
    • Economic anchor usage
    • Premounted nail for quick installation

Technical specifications

    • Anchor diameter: 8 mm
    • Washer diameter: 60 mm
    • Drill hole depth h1 >: 35 mm
    • Embedment depth hef>: 25 mm
    • Point thermal transmission χ: 0.001 W/K
    • Use categories acc. to ETA: A, B, C, D, E
    • European Technical Approval: ETA-11/0192

115mm, 135mm, 155mm, 175mm, 195mm, 215mm, 235mm, 255mm, 275mm, 295mm, 95mm


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