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Flex HM Tile Adhesive for Floors/Walls C2TE 25kg


High performance tile adhesive C2TE, no vertical slip, extended pot-life, specifically for the gluing of thin layer ceramic tiles and stone materials.


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Weight Colour Consumption
25kg Grey


2.5 – 5 kg/m²

Licata Flex HM Tile Adhesive C2TE 25kg

Fields of use

Fkex HM Licata Tile Adhesive is intended for the application on interior and exterior walls and floors of: mosaics | marble and natural stone, as long as they are stable to moisture and resistant to stains and efflorescence | ceramic of all kinds (double firing, single firing, porcelain stoneware, clinker, terracotta etc.), with low absorption, oven of large size | traditional substrates with cementitious plaster | normalised cement screeds | gluing of panels in EPS, extruded, cork, etc | On top of old existing flooring (ceramic, stoneware, marble, etc.) | screeds in anhydrite and gypsum-based plasters, after priming with Tileseco Primer | cementitious waterproofing | panels in fibre cement | expanded concrete blocks.


  • Extended pot life: the special formulation of Flex HM gives the product a pot life > 30min
  • No vertical slip: its high thixotropy allows laying tiles also vertically
  • Class C2TE : certified according to UNI EN 12004 standard.
  • Good wettability: the latest-generation additives in Flex HM make this adhesive highly wettable, so it is ideal for bonding low-absorption ceramic tiles as well as laying on top of existing floors.

Preparation of the product

6.75 – 7.5 litres of clean water for every 25kg bag


Licata Flex HM tile adhesive can be stored for up to 9 months (GREY) and 12 months (WHITE) in a dry, protected place in unopened package at temperatures between 5° C and 35° C



Grey, White

Data Sheet

Tehical Data Sheet

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