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General Purpose Safety Kit


· 331201 Sanding & Insulation Respirator P1
· 332102 Safety Goggles
· 337100 Builders Grip Gloves
· 333140 Tapered Ear Plugs
Vital eye, ear, hand & lung protection, suitable for use with power tools, fibreglass, ceramics, concrete & woodwork
Ideal for home renovation, loft insulation, gardening, cutting & general maintenance
331201 Sanding & Insulation Respirator P1. Protects lungs against fine non-toxic particles.
EN 149:2001 A1:2009 FFP1 NR
331102 Safety Goggles. Impact resistant, clear polycarbonate lens.
337100 Builders Grip Gloves. Washable glove with latex coated palm for non-slip grip.
333140 Tapered Ear Plugs. Disposable foam ear plugs, shaped for easy insertion.
EN 352 part 2

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