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Hydro Block 45S Cement Mortar


Single-component cement mortar with instant grip, suitable to the buffering of incoming water, even under pressure.

Weight Colours Consumption
2 bags of 2.5kg Grey

Licata Hydro Block 45 S Cement Mortar

Hydro Block 45 S has been designed and formulated to lock in an instantaneous way infiltration and influx of water, even under strong pressure. Hydro Block 45S is used both in emergency situations and in the preliminary operations for waterproofing and restoration of hydraulic structures such as, for example: pools | tanks | reservoirs | hydraulic tunnels | lift compartments | quick repairs of cracks in concrete structures | tunnels | sealing of constructive bridges between horizontal and vertical elements (floor slab-wall) | instantaneous anchoring of clamps | bolts | bars.


Ultra rapid grip and hardening: allow it to virtually instantaneously block the influx of waters simply by keeping the product pressed down with one hand, for about 1 to 2 minutes.

Rapid development of high mechanical strength: it is essential for resisting the hydraulic counterthrust and speeding up the interventions.

High Adhesion: fundamental for making reliable and durable interventions ensuring water tightness over time.

Ease of use: it is only necessary to mix it with water and apply it rapidly using one’s hand or a spatula or similar tools of normal use.