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LicaBand BTS 100


Alkali-resistant self-adhesive elastic band, with a butyl rubber base, coated with polypropylene non-woven fabric, specifically for the waterproofing and sealing of perimeter joints, fittings and areas subject to light movement.

Size Colours Dimensions
20m Grey Width: 100 mm

Depth: 0.64 mm

Licata LicaBand BTS 100

LicaBand BTS 100 is specifically for contraction joints, perimeter joints | floor-wall connection | wall-wall connection | corners | cracks | areas subject to stresses and particular movements.


  • High elasticity for its entire width.
  • Easy and quick application: LicaBand BTS 100 is a self-adhesive tape capable of adhering on almost all the substrates adopted in the construction industry.
  • Waterproof
  • Alkali-resistant
  • Does not require special accessories such as corners, edges, etc.

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