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Licalastic 120 AC Elastic Membrane


Single-component coloured elastic membrane, based on acrylic resins in aqueous dispersion, for the waterproofing of substrates in concrete, ideal for the maintenance of bituminous sheaths.

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Weight Colours Consumption
5kg and 20kg
  • Grey
  • White
  • Red
0.500 kg/m² per 1mm thickness

Licata Licalastic 120 AC Elastic Membrane

Licalistic 120 AC finds its fields of use in: maintenance and renewal of coverings in fibre-cement | maintenance of old bituminous sheaths and cementitious plaster | protection of structures in CLS | vertical surfaces | roof tiles | bricks, etc | waterproofing of cantilevered structures such as canopies and balconies | planters | channels of eaves | prefabricated concrete or cast in situ.


  • Available in three colours: white, red and grey.
  • Easy application: Licalastic 120 AC is a single-component product to dilute with the addition of just water.
  • Possibility to be reinforced with specific reinforcement fabric Texture 2000.
  • Easily repairable: in the case in which the membrane undergoes a mechanical damage, can be easily repaired within a few minutes.
  • High adhesion strength: Licalastic 120 AC is characterised by a high adhesion strength on almost all substrates adopted in the construction industry.
  • UV resistant: Licalastic 120 AC is UV resistant and conserves its properties in diverse meteorological conditions, even in marine or mountain environments.

Grey, Red, White


20kg, 5kg

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