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LicaPrimer 440 A B


Two-component universal primer, anti-corrosive, based on epoxy resins, specifically for difficult substrates such as metal, galvanised steel. ceramic, glass, etc.

Weight Colours Consumption
10kg 2.5kg Grey 0.200 kg/m²

Licata LicaPrimer 440 A B

LicaPrimer 440 A B is a universal primer, ideal for extremely difficult substrates such as: carbon steel | galvanised steel | aluminium | ceramic | glass | plastic mineral | bituminous membranes | old coatings | concrete, etc.


  • High anti-corrosive power
  • Can be recoated after 24 hours
  • Universal: specially formulated for the treatment of difficult substrates such as: metal, galvanised steel, ceramic, bituminous sheaths, etc.
  • High performance even in extreme weather conditions: LicaPrimer 440 A B retains all its properties even at temperatures between -25°C and 110 °C  (air) and 60°C (immersion)