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LicaPrimer 600

Single-component polyurethane adhesion promoter.


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Weight Colours Consumption
  • 5kg
  • 10kg
  • 20kg
Colourless 0.150 – 0.200 kg/m²

Licata LicaPrimer 600

LicaPrimer 600 finds its main destinations of use as adhesion promoter of polyurethane waterproofing and sealants on: bituminous sheaths | concrete | wood, etc.


  • Ease of preparation: Lica Primer 600 is a single-component product, ready to use.
  • Fast drying: one can apply any product of a polyurethane nature over this product just 60 minutes after its application.
  • Universal: specially formulated to allow adherence of different types of polyurethane products also with different hardening speeds.
  • High performance even in extreme weather conditions: Lica Primer 600 retains all its properties even at temperatures between -30°C  and 90°C

10kg, 20kg, 5kg

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