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MonoEco – Lime Base Render 25kg


Ecological White Rough coat made with natural lime and hydraulic binder for indoor and outdoor use

White plastering mortar made with natural hydrated lime, hydraulic binder, selected aggregates and additives that, not altering
the features of this natural mineral product, improve its adhesion, workability and regular evaporation



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Weight Grain size Colours Consumption
25kg between 1mm – 1.5mm White 13 kg/m²

MonoEco – Lime Base Render

Mono Eco is a plaster coat made from pure natural hydrated lime, hydraulic binder andspecific additives, which improve the adhesion and workability of the plaster without alteringits natural matrix.Mono Ecoboasts excellent aqueous vapour permeability combined withlow capillary absorption. The natural origin of the raw materials ensures the breathability ofMono Eco, regulating internal humidity levels and improving the overall health of indoorenvironments .

Main Fields Of Use

Mono Eco can be applied both manually and by machine (through the use of classic plastering machines) on various types of interior/exterior substrates such as:

  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Masonry
  • Tufa
  • Mixed masonry
  • Cement blocks
  • Concrete


  • Fluidity: the special formulation of Mono Eco ensures excellent workability regardless of the thickness. The special additives present in the formulation allow the product to have excellent adhesion and bonding of the product on the substrate even with high thicknesses.
  • Vapour permeability: the specific natural additives used in Mono Eco help create numerous pores allowing the aqueous vapour in the walls to quickly evaporate.
  • Low shrinkage: the fibres offer the plaster anti-shrinkage characteristics, thus minimising the formation of micro-cracks.



1.4mm, 1mm

Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet


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