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Oikos Finitura Autolucidante

Decorative Interior Paint

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Oikos Finitura Autolucidante Interior Decorative Paint

Mirrored glossy finish protector for NATURAL MARMORINO. Easy to apply on surfaces: it leaves the natural characteristic unchanged.


Finitura Autolucidante

CL8000, CL8010, CL8020, CL8030, CL8040, CL8050, CL8060, CL8070, CL8080, CL8090, CL8100, CL8110, CL8120, CL8130, CL8140, CL8150, CL8160, CL8170, CL8180, CL8190, CL8200, CL8210, CL8220, CL8230, CL8240, CL8250, CL8260, CL8270, CL8280, CL8290, CL8300, CL8310, CL8320, CL8330, CL8340, CL8350, CL8360, CL8370, CL8380, CL8390, CL8400, CL8410, CL8420, CL8430, CL8440, CL8450, CL8460, CL8470, CL8480, CL8490, CL8500, CL8510, CL8520, CL8530, CL8540, CL8550, CL8560, CL8570, CL8580, CL8590

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Technical Data Sheet

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Safety Data Sheet