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Oikos Imperium Interior Decorative Paint

IMPERIUM is an ecological decorative paint to be used indoors or outdoors, which recreates the special effects that come from precious metals, both in a shiny metallic and matte version with a range of colours and textures depending on the tool used . Imperium lends sumptuousness and prestige to contemporary environments, enriching them with precious elements from history, creating new surfaces That are full of energy, embellishing walls and interior furniture in a unique, Original way. The product is washable and scratch resistant, non-inflammable and formaldehyde- free.



IMP 03, IMP 06, IMP 09, IMP 12, IMP 15, IMP 156, IMP 168, IMP 171, IMP 200, IMP 21, IMP 24, IMP 246, IMP 261, IMP 264, IMP 267, IMP 273, IMP 294, IMP 297, IMP 30, IMP 300, IMP 33, IMP 36, IMP 48, IMP 51, IMP 54, IMP 57, IMP 60, IMP 63, IMP 66, IMP 69, IMP 75, IMP 84, IMP 87, IMP 90, IMP 99

Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet