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Primer Ocram – Silicate Primer 20kg White


  • Pigmentable
  • Low VOC Content
  • Optimal Adhesion Strength
  • Ideal For Breathable Cycles

Pigmentable primer made with potassium silicates and inert silica materials, specifically for exteriors, with high breathability and excellent levelling properties. With excellent adhesion strength, it is recommended in façade restoration work.



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Weight Grain size Colours Consumption
20kg 150 micron White 0.250 kg/m²

Primer Ocram – Silicate Primer 20kg

Universal pigmentable primer made with potassium silicates and inert silica materials. It is ideal as a fixer before all decoration work with micro-coatings or silica-based paste coatings. The composition of Primer Ocram lends the primer outstanding adhesion properties since it reacts chemically with the mineral substrate via a natural process called silicatisation. Specifically designed for exteriors and suitable for interiors, its formula is purpose-devised to achieve high levels of concealment for both flaws in the substrate, as well as when painting over medium/strong colours. Its high levelling power ensures even absorption of the subsequent decorative layer, enhancing the yield and the surface effect of the micro-coating and enhancing the typical breathability characteristics of mineral decorative coatings.

Main Areas Of Application

Idrosil Exterior is recommended for decorating internal and external substrates, whether new or existing, on residential, industrial or commercial buildings. It is advisable to use the product on seasoned substrates, in other words after a curing time of at least four weeks. It is applicable to substrates such as:

  • Thermal insulation systems
  • Thermal renders
  • Lime or lime/cement based renders
  • Reinforced skim coating in façade restoration work
  • Concrete
  • Prefabricated concrete panels


  • Colourable: it can be applied white or coloured, pigmented with the same shade as the subsequent topcoat, so as to combine the effect of the bonding bridge and attenuate any strong shades when painting over existing surfaces.
  • Low VOC content: extremely low emissions, in compliance with European standards concerning volatile organic compounds.
  • Excellent levelling power: also ideal on new surfaces since it limits the absorption of subsequent coats of paint, maximising yield and improving the styling finish.
  • Ideal for breathable coatings: the natural properties of potassium silicate make it possible to achieve completely mineral decorative coatings with superior permeability to water vapour.


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