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RasoTherm 400 Ready Mix Base Coat/Adhesive 25kg


Ready-to-use, synthetic polymer-based smooth render paste, with high adhesive power and excellent elasticity, ideal for use in Licata therm-type external insulation finishing systems and in the reinforced restoration of façades with microcavillations

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RasoTherm 400 Ready Mix Base Coat/Adhesive 25kg

Rasotherm 400 is a ready-to-use skim coating paste, based on fine synthetic polymers in water dispersion for reinforced skim coatings of façades. The careful selection of raw materials and the addition of selected synthetic polymers, give Rasotherm 400 excellent elasticity and flexibility, impermeability to water and mechanical resistance (classified cat.2 according to EN 13498). Totally free of cement, Rasotherm 400 is also ideal as skim plaster for buildings subject to high accidental impact risk, for low-baseboard and in the restoration of façades with microcavillations or cracks.

Main Fields Of Use

  • Rasotherm 400 is designed and formulated for applications on:
  • Lime or lime/cement-based renders
  • Thermal renders
  • Wooden substrates (X-Lam)
  • Insulating panels, both natural and otherwise (mineral wool, glass, wood fibre, EPS, etc.)
  • Reinforced skim coatings in façade restoration cycles
  • Concrete
  • Pre-fabricated concrete panels


  • Excellent elasticity: The combination of specific performance additives and high quality binders gives Rasotherm 400 excellent elasticity and flexibility.
  • High mechanical resistance: classified in Cat. 2 according to EN 13498, Rasotherm 400 has excellent qualities of resistance to accidental impacts that make it ideal for interventions on low-baseboard or on façades particularly exposed to strong climatic phenomena.
  • Easy laying: Rasotherm 400 is ready to use. The combination of smoothness and ease of processing, is obtained thanks to the use of last generation additives, reducing the laying difficulties and delays.
  • Ideal for critical bases: the right mix between elasticity and flexibility make it ideal for restoration of façades with microcavillations or cracks.
  • Excellent aesthetic finish. The finish carried out with Rasotherm 400, thanks to the selected aggregates inconstant grading curve with maximum diameter < 0.5 mm, allow paint or decorative treatments even without further processing.