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Siloxan – Silicone Render Primer 10ltr


Transparent fixing primer with siloxane binders, for interior and exterior use, with high breathable power and high consolidating power. Excellent as adhesion bridge for decorations on breathable or dehumidifying cycles.


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Weight Colours Consumption
10 ltr Clear 0.100 Lt/m²

Licata Siloxan – Silicone Primer 10 ltr

Transparent primer based on siloxane copolymers in aqueous dispersion. It is ideal as a fixative before each decoration cycle with coatings or micro coating of siloxane nature for external use. Its formulation is specially designed to obtain a high penetrating power andan excellent breathable power. Siloxan Primer is ideal both for the regularization of the absorptions of new bases and when it is necessary to create an adequate adhesion bridge on smooth surfaces. Thanks to the careful selection of raw materials, it may be used as aprimer on dehumidification systems, helping to prevent the formation of Salts resulting from rising dampness. The high smoothing power of Siloxan Primer ensures a homogeneous absorption of the next decorative layer by exalting the yield and the superficial effect of the finishing.

Main Fields Of Use

Siloxan Primer is indicated for the preparation of indoor/outdoor, new or existing bases, on residential, industrial or commercial buildings. It is advisable to use the product on cured bases, i.e. after a curing time of at least four weeks. It can be applied on bases such as:

  • Lime base civil finishing
  • Cement base civil finishing
  • Civil finishing for dehumidifying cycles
  • Gypsum (after application of a primer in case of smoothing with very low absorption)
  • Surfaces already painted, after carefully checking and cleaning the base
  • Concrete for applications on different substrates, please contact our technical department


  • Universal: Siloxan Primer: can be applied onto most bases commonly used in the construction industry.
  • Excellent breathable power: the siloxane binders present in Siloxan Primer maintain excellent vapour permeability properties allowing use in breathable systems.
  • Anti-salt action: the specific resins used in Siloxan Primer confer to the fixative an anti-salt action making it ideal for cycles of dehumidification from raising dampness.
  • Low VOC content: extremely low release, compliant with European laws on volatile organic components
  • Excellent penetrating power: Ideal also on new surfaces as it limits the absorption of the subsequent layers of painting by maximising the yields and improving the aesthetic finish.




Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet


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