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Top Layer 100 A B


Aliphatic polyurethane coating, modified two-component, resistant to wear and UV rays, with a high degree of elasticity.

Weight Colours Consumption
10kg 3kg Ral Colour Chart 0.150 kg/m²

Licata Top Layer 100 A B

For its characteristics of elasticity, mechanical strength and chemical and surface resistance, UV resistance, Top Layer 100 A B is ideal as a protective layer and coloured finishing of: polyurethane-based impermeable membranes | cementitious substrates in general.


  • UV resistant, resistant to both fresh and salt water and to detergents.
  • Resistance to diluted acids.
  • Active chlorine (max 0.5% in water)
  • Resistance in marine and industrial atmospheres.
  • High adhesion strength.
  • High mechanical surface strength.
  • Working temperature from -30°C to 90°C in air.