8mm Laminate Flooring - Toasted Oak

£20.29 / m2
Sale price£32.38 GBP
per pack )
£16.91 / m2
Sale price£26.98 GBP
per pack )


8mm Laminate Flooring – Toasted Oak

  • Scratch Guard

    Quick-Step floors with Scratch Guard technology are up to ten times more scratch-resistant than floors without Scratch Guard.

  • Water resistant

    Say goodbye to moisture problems by choosing for a water resistant Quick-Step floor. These floors don't just look exceptionally stylish and natural, they are also 100% resistant to surface moisture, which makes cleaning easier than ever!

  • Uniclic

    Quick-Step is the inventor of the Uniclic installation system, today the standard click-to-install system. Use the revolutionary and patented click system to effortlessly click your floor planks together.


DELIVERED BY OUR SUPPLIER.  Next Day Delivery (subject to availability & terms) order before 11am.


Length 1200 mm
Width 190 mm
Height 57 mm
10.809 Kg
m²/pack 1.596m2
Planks/pack 7



Technical Data Sheet

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