Kerakoll Keratech Eco Flex 1-15mm levelling compound 25kg

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Kerakoll Keratech Eco Flex 1-15mm levelling compound 25kg

  •  Coverage ≈ 1.6 kg/m² per mm of thickness

Certified, extra‑rapid hardening, eco‑friendly, self‑levelling mineral product for the high‑performance and high‑deformability correction of irregular substrates.

Keratech® Eco Flex develops a high degree of flexibility and dimensional stability, making it ideal to correct deformable substrates, gives superior workability and hardness. A self‑levelling product suitable for the subsequent laying of all types of coverings.

  • For internal use
  • Thickness from 1 to 15 mm
  • Approved for marine use
  • HDE technology with extended flow
  • Suitable for laying ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, natural stone and resilient materials using adhesives
  • Ideal for laying hardwood floors using adhesives
  • High dimensional stability and long-lasting performance
  • Extra-rapid hardening
  • High flexural strength with Advanced Flex Fiber™
  • High mechanical resistance



Self-levelling adjustment of irregular and uneven substrates, with extra-rapid setting and drying, compensated shrinkage and very low TVOC – Total Volatile Organic Compound. Made with hypoallergenic, low chromate content cements. Thickness from 1 to 15 mm.

Compatible adhesives:

  • gel adhesives, mineral adhesives with SAS technology, single and two-component organic adhesives
  • reactive-epoxy and polyurethane, single and two-component cement-based adhesives, dispersed in water or solvent solutions

Covering materials:

  • porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, klinker and cotto of all types and formats
  • natural stone, recomposed materials, marble
  • hardwood floors, PVC, linoleum, rubber in civil, industrial and sports applications, textiles and cork
  • resins for residential use
  • raised floors


  • mineral screeds made with Keracem® Eco Pronto and Keracem® Eco as a binder
  • cement-based screeds
  • prefabricated concrete or fresh concrete castings
  • timber, plywood and hardwood floors
  • residual traces of cement-based adhesives

Flooring for internal use in residential, commercial and industrial applications and on heat-radiant slabs.

Do not use

Do not use in external applications, on highly flexible substrates subject to thermal expansion, or on wet surfaces or substrates subject to continuous moisture rising.


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