Satvario Calcata Gloss 600 x 1200 x 9 mm Wall and Floor Tiles

£30.00 / m2
Sale price£43.20 GBP
per Box )
£25.00 / m2
Sale price£36.00 GBP
per Box )


Size: 600 x 1200 mm

Thickness: 9mm

Satvario Calcata Glossy tile brings a touch of Italian sophistication to your home renovation project. Measuring 600x1200mm, this beautiful marble-effect tile has a sleek and high-gloss finish that gives it a modern and stylish look. The tile's neutral color palette of whites, greys, and beiges makes it a versatile choice for a range of interior styles, while its marble-effect design adds depth and texture to any space. Ideal for flooring, walls, or even kitchen and bathroom surfaces, the Satvario Calcata Glossy tile is both practical and durable. Bring a touch of European elegance to your home with the stunning Satvario Calcata Glossy tile.

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