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Steel Frame - eps Insulation BRICK SLIP System

Licata Cement Board System is a system designed to produce a textured finish on a wide range of render substrate board.

With all the new building methods in the construction industry builders and developers are always looking for faster cheaper energy efficient methods of building and this is why more and more projects are utilising timber and light weight steel frame systems which enable the exterior façade to be closed off sooner and allows many different aesthetic finishes.

Licata brick slips have been used to finish interior and exterior walls. Many millions of square meters of facade have been finished using brick slips. Brick slips are ideal for facade cladding, in both technical and aesthetic sense. When brick slips are used in new builds or renovation projects, they are given a masonry look that cannot be distinguished from traditional brickwork. This means that the authentic value of buildings and neighbourhoods is retained.

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