Beton - Sand

Size: 30x60cm (9mm)
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The new Beton collection of the Granitoker line definitely extends the expressive opportunities of last-generation vitrified porcelain stoneware. The approach to design consists in a reinterpretation of a well-known material, such as concrete, to go even beyond its traditional role. In fact, Beton is an excellent ceramic product created after a severe selection of raw materials by using state-of-the-art manufacturing methods to ensure very high performance in terms of bending strength, wear, abrasion, etching, and thermal shock resistance. And they even simplify cleaning operations. With its body fully coloured with the same tones of the surface, this fully-vitrified porcelain stoneware is characterized by the special process used for its finish layer.

Matt Finish

30x60cm 11 3/4" x23 5/8" 9mm   m2 per box : 1.08  Tiles per box : 6 
30x60cm 11 3/4" x23 5/8" 10mm  m2 per box : 0.90  Tiles per box : 5
60x60cm 23 5/8" x23 5/8" 10mm  m2 per box : 1.44  Tiles per box : 4 
37.5x75.5cm 14 3/4" x29 3/4" 10mm   m2 per box : 1.13  Tiles per box : 4 
75.5x75.5cm 29 3/4" x29 3/4" 10mm   m2 per box : 1.14  Tiles per box : 2 
75.5x151cm 29 3/4" x59 1/2" 10mm   m2 per box : 2.28  Tiles per box : 2

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