Cemento Cassero - Antracite

Size: 30x60cm (9mm)
Finish: Cassaro
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The new Cemento range, in the Granitoker line, realises the full expressive potential of the latest generation of porcelain stoneware. Reinterpreting a material as familiar as concrete is only worthwhile if the aim is to go one step better. Cemento is a sophisticated ceramic product created from rigorously selected materials using the most advanced processes, which make it simple to clean and guarantee high performance in terms of structural flexibility and resistance to wear, scratching, chemical damage and sudden changes in temperature. They are uniform in colour across their depth, and are distinguished by the finish of the upper surface that recreates the texture of lightweight concrete, be it scraped smooth or gently ridged.

A choice of two soft grey colours offer perfect look for modern living spaces. The design produces a sort of monochrome layering that, somehow, is not so much seen as felt, and a surface that blends different sensual experiences and evokes associations like no other. This is porcelain stoneware, an extremely versatile, advanced industrial product that can adapt to the demands of contemporary architecture.

 Available in 2 different finishes



30x60cm 11 3/4" x23 5/8" 9mm   m2 per box : 1.08   Tiles per box : 6
30x60cm 11 3/4" x23 5/8" 10mm  m2 per box : 0.90  Tiles per box : 5
60x60cm 23 5/8" x23 5/8" 10mm  m2 per box : 1.44   Tiles per box : 4
37.5x75.5cm 14 3/4" x29 3/4" 9mm  m2 per box : 1.13   Tiles per box : 4
37.5x75.5cm 14 3/4" x29 3/4" 10mm  m2 per box : 1.13   Tiles per box : 4
75.5x75.5cm 29 3/4" x29 3/4" 10mm    m2 per box : 1.14   Tiles per box : 2
60x120cm 23 5/8" x47 1/4" 10mm   m2 per box : 1.44   Tiles per box : 2

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