Chalon - Cream

Size: 30x60cm
Finish: Natural Matt
Sale price£49.20 GBP
per pack )
Sale price£41.00 GBP
per pack )



Chalon shines a light on our land, on stone that is often overlooked or widely unknown, on unique materials which carry with them traces of ancient memory and a history that cannot be written. Because it is crucial that we keep that history alive, and so we breathe new life into it, reinventing it with a kiss of contemporary flair.

Available in 3 choices of finish :

Natural Matt (ex 60x120cm)

Lappata ( ex 60x120cm )

Grip ( all sizes )

30x60cm 11 3/4" x23 5/8" 9mm   m2 per box : 1.08   Tiles per box : 6
30x60cm 11 3/4" x23 5/8" 10mm  m2 per box : 0.90  Tiles per box : 5
60x60cm 23 5/8" x23 5/8" 10mm   m2 per box : 1.44   Tiles per box : 4
60x120cm 23 5/8" x47 1/4" 10mm  m2 per box : 1.44   Tiles per box : 2
60x120cm 23 5/8" x47 1/4" 20mm   m2 per box : 0.72   Tiles per box : 1

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