Marmosmart - Marquina Smart

Size: 30x60cm
Finish: Honed R9
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Porcelain stoneware collection inspired by the beauty of natural marble. An expressive colour palette that brings the best out of a collection of tiles renowned for their practicality, aesthetics and strength.

 Sold in m2.

Available in 3 different finishes :

Honed R10 A+B PTV > 36



30x60cm 11 3/4" x23 5/8" 9mm  6 per pack  1.08m2
60x60cm 23 5/8" x23 5/8" 9mm  4 per pack  1.44m2
60x120cm 23 5/8" x47 1/4" 9mm  2 per pack  1.44m2
30x90cm 11 5/8" x35 3.8" 6mm  6 per pack  1.62m2
45x90cm 17 3/4" x35 3/8" 6mm  5 per pack  2.025m2
90x90cm 35 3/8" x35 3/8"" 6mm  3 per pack  2.43m2
90x270cm 35 3/8" x106 1/4" 6mm  1 per pack  2.43m2

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