Newood - White

Size: 11x90cm
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Newood is an advanced industrial product, extremely versatile and flexible in fulfilling the requirements of modern architecture. It is a ceramic material that generates unequalled levels of reference to Nature.

As regards aesthetics and composition, the Newood series has been further enriched with an extensive study of colours that led to our proposal of 8 soft colour shades: three neutral tones (black, grey, white) and five warm tones (wenge, brown, cream, beige, ivory).


Natural Matt finish.


11x90cm 4 3/8" x35 3/8" 9mm

15x90cm 5 7/8" x35 3/8" 9mm

22.5x90cm 8 7/8" x35 3/8" 9mm

45x90cm 17 3/4" x35 3/8" 9mm

15x120cm 5 7/8" x47 1/4" 9mm

20x120cm 7 7/8" x47 1/4" 9mm

60x120cm 7 7/8" x47 1/4" 9mm

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