Schluter BARA RAKEG Balcony System

Finish: GM Grey Metallic
General Product Type: Internal Corner 90°
Height: 4mm
Sale price£45.56 GBP
per pack )
Sale price£37.97 GBP
per pack )



Schlüter®-BARA-RAKE/-RAKEG is a Finishing profile for exposed edges of covering assemblies on balconies and terraces with existing sloped screeds. Schlüter®-BARA-RAKE is especially suited for assemblies with the bonded drainage mat Schlüter®-DITRA-DRAIN. The perforated outer edges give the outer perimeter of Tiled areas a neat appearance. Furthermore, the profile covers the exposed edges of the bonded drainage mat Schlüter®- DITRA-DRAIN, which is installed under the covering. The cross section of the profile openings is sufficiently Large to guarantee drainage and ventilation. The trapezoid perforated anchoring leg of Schlüter®-BARA-RAKE is attached to the exposed edges with a dry Set Tile Adhesive. Schlüter®-KERDI may be used as a bonded waterproofing assembly, but trowel applied chemical products for bonded waterproofing are equally suitable. Schlüter®-BARARAKEG was designed for assemblies with the bonded uncoupling membrane Schlüter®-DITRA 25. The closed outer edges give the outer perimeter of Tiled areas a neat appearance. Schlüter®-BARARAKE/- RAKEG creates a neat appearance and protects the exposed edges from weather influences and corrosion.

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