Schluter BARA RKKE Balcony System

Finish: GM GREY
Product Type: Internal Corner 90°
Height: 10mm
Sale price£50.42 GBP
per pack )
Sale price£42.02 GBP
per pack )



Schlüter BARA-RKKE is particularly suited for assemblies with the bonded drainage mat Schlüter DITRA-DRAIN. Its perforated outer edge gives the exterior perimeter of tiled areas a neat appearance.

Furthermore, the profile covers the exposed edges of the bonded drainage mat Schlüter DITRA-DRAIN, which is installed below the covering. The crosssection of the profile openings is sufficiently large to guarantee drainage and ventilation. Schlüter RKKE creates a neat finish and protects the exposed edges from weather influences and corrosion. The trapezoid perforated anchoring leg of the profile is attached to the exposed edges with a dry-set tile adhesive.

The bonded waterproofing mat Schlüter KERDI may be installed over the perforated anchoring leg and the adhesive flange of the profile, using the sealing adhesive Schlüter KERDI-COLL. If trowel-applied bonded waterproofing products are used, the installation instructions of the manufacturer must be observed. Thanks to the short design of the drip lip, Schlüter BARA RKKE is particularly well suited for balconies and terraces with railings mounted on the front side.

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