Schluter JOLLY AC Coated Aluminium Tile Trim 2.5Mtr Length

Finish: GS Black
Height: 6mm
Sale price£16.00 GBP
per pack )
Sale price£13.33 GBP
per pack )


2.5Mtr Length
Schlüter-JOLLY is a Finishing profile that protects the outside corners of Tiled Wall surfaces against damage. The range of available sizes and Finishes permits the matching of the profile to a wide variety of Tile and Grout colours, or allows many design opportunities through the use of contrasting colours. Other applications include dado coverings and transitions for coverings such as carpet, natural stone, or epoxy resin coverings for Wall areas. In addition to the profile's decorative effect, the Tiles are protected against damage caused by mechanical stresses along the edges. The integrated joint Spacer forms a defined joint cavity with the Tile.

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