Schluter KERDI BOARD Niche

Size: 305 x 152 x 89mm
Sale price£53.50 GBP
per pack )
Sale price£44.58 GBP
per pack )


The Schluter KERDI BOARD Niche Range are prefabricated niches for the easy installation of visually appealing shelves that are flush with the wall. Constructed from Schluter KERDI BOARD Panel, these Niches are available in 4 different internal height sizes: 152mm, 305mm, 508mm and 711mm. All niches have an internal width measurement of 305mm. View the gallery above to see the specific measurements of each niche.

The larger two niches come with a shelf component that can be fixed at any position within the niche and can be omitted if desired, e.g for creating a large horizontal niche. Schluter SHELF N can be used as an alternative shelf option. Each Schluter KERDI BOARD Niche comes with a pre-fabricated KERDI 200 Membrane collar.

The Schluter KERDI BOARD Niche is designed to be installed between two studs in a stud wall structure. An additional substructure must be set up to support the niche flange in case of larger stud intervals. If the niche is installed in high-moisture areas, tiles on the shelf surfaces must be installed with a slope to prevent water from pooling in the final assembly.

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