Option: 1000 x 1000 x 32mm Centre Drain
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The Schluter KERDI SHOWER LT/LTS Trays are sloped trays made of compression-resistant polystyrene with a pre-adhered Schluter KERDI Waterproofing Membrane. In showers, they create a sufficient slope to the installed linear drainage channel. The Schluter KERDI SHOWER LT Shower Tray is designed for drainage traps installed in the centre, and the Schluter KERDI SHOWER LTS is designed for drainage traps installed at the edge, close to the wall.

The Schluter KERDI SHOWER LT/LTS Trays are designed to be used with the following Schluter KERDI LINE drainage traps – H, V/VS/ VOS, V50 G2 and G3.

The 2000 x 1360 x 39mm LTS Tray is designed specifically for use with the KERDI LINE G3 Low-Height Drain – it is a low-height tray that simplifies creation of a level access shower area on timber joist substrates. The dimensions work out to equal a height of 26mm at 1000mm long and 39mm at 2000mm long, offering a gradient/fall ratio of 1 in 80. When cut to 1000mm long this tray works perfectly with a 18mm timber floor and a Schluter DITRA HEAT DUO Installation. See the video further down the page for a demonstration of this.

Individual dimensions can be created by cutting the sloped Schluter KERDI SHOWER LT/LTS board with a utility knife, using the pre-marked cutting grooves. Depending on the situation at the construction site, the sloped tray can be used with the corresponding, load-bearing substrates (e.g. wooden floors, vertical drain, mortar substrate etc.).

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