Schluter RENO AEVB Variable Ramp for Schluter RENO-V (AE) Anodised Aluminium L=2.5Mtrs

Width: 20mm
Sale price£20.50 GBP
per pack )
Sale price£17.08 GBP
per pack )


***This is the transition ramp only***

Schlüter®-RENO-VB is the variable transition leg for the support profiles Schlüter®-RENO-VT.

Both products can be combined in both lengths.

Schlüter-RENO-V is a profile with an adjustable arm (Requires profile leg Reno AEVT) for creating step-less transitions between Floor coverings of different heights; e.g. the transition between Tile and carpet. In addition, the profile effectively protects the edges of adjacent coverings. The movable transition arm, via a ball and socket joint, allows the profile to adjust to the height of the adjacent covering. Thus the occurrence of trip edges between coverings of different heights is eliminated. Schlüter-RENO-V is also suitable for heavy-duty applications (e.g. entrances to garages or loading docks). In such cases, the adjustable arm is back filled with mortar. The width of the ramp varies according to the the depth of the profile. 8mm Deep 20mm Ramp 10mm Deep 20mm Ramp 12.5mm Deep 30mm Ramp 15mm Deep 30mm Ramp 17.5mm Deep 40mm Ramp 20mm Deep 40mm Ramp

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